Information Dissemination on the ETX Return Submission on ITAS

On 21 February 2019, the Department of Inland Revenue (IRD) conducted country wide workshops on the submission of Employees Tax Returns on the New Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS) which will take effect 1 March 2019.

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Information Dissemination on the ETX Return Submission on ITAS

The program allowed for a detailed system run through, including a live example on how monthly Employee Tax (PAYE) returns should be submitted. Two options, namely the manual entry of employee information and upload of data using an excel sheet template, were illustrated (ITAS Portal User Manual version 1 – page 28) before FAQ’s were discussed and the floor was opened for questions from the public. Currently, one of the major concerns expressed by the public is the confidentiality of information submitted onto ITAS as the system allows all users full access to all registered tax accounts (including private payroll information of all employees uploaded under Employee Tax).

It was explained that employers should assess internal authority and allocate all submissions to one designated person/representative for the interim phase of ITAS. Future phases of the system will address the access of multiple users with possible options to limit viewing, editing and submission rights. All employers (as well as individuals) were strongly encouraged to register for e-service as soon as possible. Although ITAS has been live and ETX submissions can be done since 17 January, the first compulsory online submissions for Employees Tax should be done by 20 April (return for March 2019). Further information as well as the excel template sheet can be found on the ITAS website (

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